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T6. Interviews and insights




TIME: 2019/02/16

PLACE: Whatsapp

Occupation: Art educator

From: Italy

Side note: We met through the world wide web!


1. QUESTIONS that stuck out

Whose your target?

(didn’t have an answer yet)


A. The unquestioned trust for museum education " Schools choose the museum for a relatively easy experience for the teachers to contact and make happen. We never question if the kids actually got something out of it. The micro interaction between art and human (little human) is not questioned enough.

Without questions, we automatically “believe” and trust that just by going into a museum, when we come out of those doors, we will become a different person."

B. Being around art since a young age is crucial to having interest in art when you’re a grown up.

“In Italy, it’s normal to walk with art. We have the coliseum, sculptures on the street, music everywhere. My father was a sculpture and my mother and my grandmother played the piano. So art is natural to me.”

C. Museums are places for imagination.

"Dress like museums."

Redesign the museum experience like a slumber party.

Make it comfortable enough to be in your pajamas at the museum.

Make people want to invite their friends to the museum like they are having a party at their house.

"Founders of museums were people who had fantasies."

" Every city has a major museum. Why is that? Museums are an accumulation of what a city dreams, hence the architecture of storytelling in museums, the emotion a museum gives off, is important. "


“If you can explain your idea to a kid, you can explain it to anyone.”

"The museum experience should be like eating a cake. You take a bite and then you taste what it’s going to be like. Little by little you understand, and say “Oh, it’s like chocolate”

F. Artwork must work w/ museums

Change the definition of what museums can be.

Change the message museums deliver.



1. The Museum Book

2. The Lying Carpet


*NEXT STEPS: “Fly with imagination. It’s important to dream. What do you think your idea will be about? Don’t make the presentations yet. Send me your idea in 5 points by Tuesday and I will help you."



TIME: 2019/02/14

PLACE: Sayers and doers event

Occupation: Art Magazine Editor

From: England

My husband was at TATE as the head of visitor and services before coming to The Whitney. He did a project where the TATE invited cab drivers and their family members for the first walk-through to a new exhibition that was just starting. I don't remember who the artist was exactly that they were showing at the time, but by doing that when tourists got on a cab, the cab drivers would recommend the TATE as a great first destination to explore. It was PR but also innovative socially.

I think there is still nothing better than the art of "word of mouth"

However, art galleries still go for the big names in the art world when it comes to promoting their museums. It is to "catch" museum goers ears and eyes.

*next steps


Scheduled interviews:

Peter Hristoff

TIME: 2019/02/19


Occupation: Artist in residence at THE MET / SVA Fine Art Professor

From: Turkey

I met Peter through an audit class I took at SVA.

He wrote my internship letter of recommendation for the MET.

I wanted to meet up with him and ask about how the MET conducts visitor service research and what they do with the data there.

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