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T2: For Moments When I Need Inspiration

I looked through my instagram and collected all of the posts that were some how related to my experiences with a museum.

The reason for my postings were either

1. if it was visually appealing and inspirational

2. if the story behind the exhibition or art work had meaning and value socially, politically, or humanistically.

I regrouped my photos into piles of the two categories.

Remembering the moments of why I clicked the shutter

Most people will not be able to understand the meaning behind the posts but I will. I remember each and every moment through the photographs. While doing this I realized two things. One, that my interest in why I visit museums had changed over time. Two, I clicked my shutter when the moments were:

- personal

- public

- historical

- memorial

- feminine

- hand-made

- humane

- interactive

- underground

- reframed

- collective

- thought-provoking

- out of the box thinking

- perfectly imperfect


When in need of inspiration or just a reminder about why I wanted to do my thesis project on reimagining the museum experience, I now have a place to come back to to look.


Mission statement:

I am creating an experience where local communities are empowered to research, design, and exhibit stories about their current history, societies, and culture.

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