Recycling requires some effort

but it’s always worth it. 

Comms Design Lead

Team of 4 collaborators

Summer 2019 


My task was to design and launch a program where users can send Poland Springs pictures and ask if their trash is recyclable. By responding to their concerns I task was to clear up confusion and also have some fun along the way. My strategy was to educate consumers about the #NotTrash program and create awareness around different household items that are and are not recyclable. 


To create a conversation for Poland Spring, with everyone from passionate recyclers to our everyday fans, my team created a #NotTrash pillar into our Instagram content strategy. This content was built on the cyclical story being told in video assets and the QR experience to provide deeper, 1:1 information for our consumer as they become responsible for the plastic bottle after consumption. This content was aimed at primarily living in Stories in a #NotTrash highlight and in-feed posts.


Partnerships and management

We worked closely with The Recycling Partnership so they could help get the word out too. Here's how they pitched in:

  1. Develop a FAQ of reliable responses to share with consumers—anticipating their responses

  2. Work in collaboration with ACE in a process to evaluate consumer requests (ie information dossier The Recycling Partnership with questions we get weekly). We will also source unique questions from consumers for future content and worked together to determine how to best address in the next round of content.

  3. Supply prompts and facts about recycling to use in content

Depending on demand/success, we scaled our real-time efforts up and down for this portion of the content strategy. 

Below are the graphics I created for the in-feed content that was to be shared with Poland Spring's followers.

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 10.52.42 AM.pn


The #NotTrash pillar served as an information touchpoint that built awareness around Poland Spring’s initiative to its current followers. We drove engagement by empowering our fans to help us meet 100% recycled plastics by 2020 by recycling all of our products. 


We prompted consumers to send us pictures of potentially recyclable products and ask if it is recyclable. As consumers @tagged us into their conversations in posts/stories, we respond to their concerns, cleared up the confusion, and also had some fun along the way.


We took those photos and incorporated them into our weekly content planning. The takeaway is always the same - Recycling requires some effort, but it is always worth it.