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Design Lead

Personal Class project

Dec -  2018

Digital platform design for innovation in traditional philanthropy 

The challenge

Prototype new tech solution with AI that could help humanity solve a current social problem

The outcome

Online civic participation service


1. The impersonal nature of communication by computer undermines human contact that always has been crucial to social movements.


2. Acts of political mobilization, such as fundraising, volunteering, protesting requires the most continued interest, resources and knowledge.


+ Movement organizers
+ Young adults interested in taking part in activism


1. human contact
2. resources and knowledge for continued interest​



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WIREFRAMES: end-user (individual participants)


Utilizing data sources on accumulated data sources from past social media content and engagements (tweets, shares, hashtags, pictures, views, and etc) that are directly linked to a social movement in action.

* information hierarchy - categorizing - word sorting - time ordering


1. Data Sources _ AI

1. News sources with keywords and hashtags that are relevant to the social act

2. Media and mediums of content (videos, podcasts, news) that are related to the topic

3. maps and locational data on where the gatherings will be (meetup)


2. Data Sources _ Machine learning

Pain points to fix:

To keep the momentum using data on engagements (the number of views, actions taken within website, comments, likes, and hashtags) can help organizers predict when to intervene and strategize for next push in content and public interactions​


WIREFRAME: data analysis (org)