Maps and Models

Data Visualization

Personal Project

Fall 2018 

In This Bright Future, you cannot forget your past

- Bob Marley

The challenge

The objective of this class assignment was to warm-up and discuss some of the issues regarding observation and map creation. We were tasked to observe everyday phenomena directly—and express what we saw using a visual structure (map). 


I was asked to create TWO different maps of my state of being. For the first map, I had to play the role of the Mindfulness Practitioner, investigating myself from within, from my own personal, lived, and embodied experience. For the second map, I had to play the role of the Stranger Wanderer, looking at myself with fresh eyes, like the first time I ever experienced something.

Concept Ideation

In my early days of grad school, I didn't have much time to explore. My day started at home, then I would go straight to school, and in some very rare cases I ended up going out. I started to get curious about how much time I was spending indoors and was getting concerned about my health. 


The idea of mapping my past started when I ditched a class. I had never ditched a class in my entire life but on that day I felt like I needed something new. After I coming back home by reminiscing my day I tried to visualize what my day had looked like. I went to three different museums that day and despite many of them being closed, I recall that day to be pretty awesome.


The objective

I wanted to create a map in which I can see where I spend my time the most so I can, in the next month, get a better sense of where I should be putting more time on. Here is how I did it.


The outcome

I created my own calendar that visualized my time indoors and out. By creating my own system of documentation I was able to see, with one eye, how I was using my time. I presented this to my fine arts class and some of my friends wanted to try it out. They were intrigued by the logic structure of how I create art through graphic documentation. I was surprised by the outcome too. I didn't know it'd be so artsy-fartsy.