Brand Strategy & Information Design

for Grounded's Pitch Deck

2019 March



Good Measure, a floating agency that organizes projects for lasting impact, came to NYC to bring a band of creatives together for a 72-hour philanthropic event to help a non-profit organization gain a name. I was selected as 1 of 100 creatives and 1 of 10 design students to participate in the event.


My Collaborators

I worked very closely with a newly-named nonprofit project called Grounded. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, its founders include Emmy award-winning filmmakers Alan Spearman and Mark Adams, former White House photographer during the Obama Administration, Amanda Lucidon, and Sister Peace, a nun in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing, who collaborate on an ongoing basis with talented key artists, musicians, and creatives.


Grounded's Value Proposition

Grounded works in Memphis neighborhoods, with juvenile detention facilities and schools, and builds teams of student collaborators to creatively address youth violence in Memphis. Their work makes space in communities for expression in the service of mindfulness. Their methodology and approach to improving the young lives of trauma victims in detention centers depend on breaking through years of distrust and detachment by making an authentic connection.

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The founders have spent countless hours planning for the future of their organization and were ready to share the research and experience they have accumulated with the world. My task was to strategize their preexisting research insights into a pitch deck that was to inform and inspire potential funders and foundations.

The Outcome

By utilizing the human-centered design approach, I first interviewed the founders to distill their journey, then set the standards for formatting the information hierarchy which set the tone for their pitch. I designed the outline of their organization introduction deck which was to be used as the backbone to their marketing strategy when pitching to potential funders.


It's very rare to have every single stakeholder in the room during the entire design process. But that very rare occasion came to me in strategizing and designing this pitch deck. For three days straight the founders were open for feedback and insights exchanges. They were more than willing to share their opinions, and with that, I was able to test and prototype words and images on the spot. I got to experience the true meaning behind the word iteration.