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School of Visual Arts

MFA DSI (2020)

Yonsei Univeristy (W)

BFA Visual Comms Design

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Visual communication

Human-Centered Design



Design Facilitation
User Experience Design
Service Design
Content Design
Comms Design
Sketching / Wire-framing
Photography / Video


Ethnographic Research Systems Mapping Prototyping A/B Testing Cultural Probes Competitive Analysis Data Analysis Concept Development Ideation/Brainstorming Project Management


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Grace Hyejin Kwon

I go by the nickname 'professional brain picker'. My insatiable curiosity in people and design manifest in the stories I tell.

Being brought up by two missionaries based in the Pacific-Islands I have lived in a total of 12 different countries which adds up to 22 very different tiny huts and apartments. From tribal leaders, village women, homeless youth, doctors and etc., growing up I had the first-hand experience in sharing stories and cultures with various walks of life.

My nomadic childhood has led me to think about creating spaces that give off a sense of home and belonging. I have learned that designing for discourse is a skillset.
I believe relational discourse comes before factual discourse. Creating appropriate conditions where people can feel safe enough to talk but also brave enough to differ paves the way for great relationships which lead to the power of collaboration.

Two of my favorite designers Charles and Ray Eames once said, “
A good designer is that of a very good and thoughtful host, anticipating the needs of her guests”. Being a sense maker by trade and a storyteller by heart I have come to take pride in my identity as a visual host who knows how to distinguish diversity from inclusion. 

Diversity is when you try to invite everyone to your party. Inclusivity, on the other hand, is when you ask each and every one of your guests for a dance.
I know that differences matter because it makes all the difference. I want to design experiences where people learn how to confidently waltz with their collaborators.